Changde Company Labor Union Won the Title of Red Flag Unit
  Author£ºdongxin Time£º2007/3/19 Reading£º1026 times

At the Summary Commendation Meeting in 2005,Dongxin Changde company won the gloriously title¡ª¡°Red Flag Unit of Working Task Management of Labor Union¡±. News reported by Ya Fan

Changde company's labor union insists on serving employee, grabing the construction of corporate culture, strengthening enterprise cohesive affinity continuously. No matter employees fall ill, in hospital, or have red or white event in home, the labor union organizes relevant people to give consoles, and sends some money to the employee. The company gives subsidy of different level to the difficult household and special sleepy household over thirty employees, and the amount reach 7£¬000 Yuan, and the labor union often promptly send greetings to employees¡¯ home.
The labor union of Changde company grabed the related difficulties such as employee production, work and life, implemented the specific item in employee welfare aspect of company. The company has input 180,000 Yuan to construct parking shed to solve the problems of bicycles park scattered, dirty, confused and easy robber at the end of August 2005. In November, the company has input eighty thousands Yuan to renovate the original public baths, which has solved the bath-crowded problem for employee. In the action of ¡°love for supermarket¡± organized by the general labor union of the city, Changde company labor union organized to donated more than six hundred pieces of clothing and over twenty bottles edible oil to off-duty workers. In the campaign of " golden autumn help", the company has totally donated financial aid of twenty thousands Yuan to ten poor students for entering into university campus.

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