Notice on strengthening security and production management
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Dear Sirs or Madams:

According to the meeting aspiration of production and management that company " fights the high temperature, protects safely " in the third quarter on June 28,the company requests each branch to strengthen production management in high temperature season and the period when the accidents easily occurs, practically carries out the production guideline of ¡°the security first, put prevention first ¡°, and take precautions against the emergence of the incident. Inform you of concrete demand as follows now£º

First, strengthen management of fireproofing safety: every company will launch all kinds of activities of safety in production in an all-round way according to the demand for " administrative rules of the safety in production " of the company strictly. Strengthen the management of key position, fire and smoking area, definitely appoint the principal of each company as the first principal.

Second, strengthen management of staffs¡¯safety.

1 Take effective measures to take precautions against various traffic accidents caused by fatigue on the way home. Each company can provide some of beds for the staff to have a rest temporarily after coming off duty.

2 The section chief must master staffs¡¯ health condition in time, and arrange the really uncomfortable staffs to stop work and have a rest.

3 Strengthen the training of safely operating procedure and safety education for the new staffs.

4 Do the work of preventing heatstroke and lower the temperature well.

Third, strengthen safety management of equipment: pay much attention to the arrangement and checking of machine and electric failure, take precautions against accidents, and prevent all kinds of accidents caused by equipment fault.

Fourth, after the accident happened, the responsible company should report to the leadership in time on request, and analyze it according to the regulation, deal with it and notify, and remind each one to prevent the emergence of similar accidents.

Fifth, each company should organize safety production to check oneself in an all-around way, rectify and improve the accident potential in time, and report the situation and the checking results to administrative management department before July 5.

Sixth, The administrative management department has organized the relevant personnel to reexamine the safe condition of production of every branch since July 8, and will notify the situation.

Hunan Dongxin Group

On 29th, June, 2004. ¡¡¡¡


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